CV for Dennis Møllegaard Pedersen


Dedicated developer who has mainly worked with C/C++, Java and PHP. I use Linux (currently) Ubuntu as my Desktop platform, and have been doing so in years. Has 11 years of work experience and I almost completed - only missing the thesis.

I like to expand my knowledge and I gladly accept tasks that may lie outside my normal expertise. During my work I have been in charge for maintaining, forensics and securing a small serverpark. I have done technical assistance for project managers and salespeople, made on-site support and development (international). I want to work primarily with software development in terms of analysis, design, development and maintenance.


Ambitious, systematic, reliable and committed


Linux, Open source, C++, C, Ruby, PHP, Java

Professional Experience

Developer at ipvision a/s

2014-02 2016-08
  • Maintenance and development of various administration systems. Including API toward TDC, Telenor & Panther (Rails 2, Rails 4, grape, Postgres 9)
  • Maintenance of old Connect Platform (Ruby 1.8.7, redis, ejabberd, Sinatra)
  • Design and evelopment of new Connect platform; Connect Client (Ruby 1.8.7, Ruby 2.x, redis, EmberJS, 0mq)
  • Unittested code and CI to improve code quality (rspec, jenkins, git, gerrit)

Developer at ICOM Tele

2012-03 2014-02
  • Design and development of new billing/rating/invoicing platform (Java, MySQL, Git)
  • Reverse engineering of old platform in order to operate it until new platform is ready for production. (Python, Java, IBM Solid DB)
  • Responsible for generating invoices based on customers usage
  • Unittested code, functional tests to ensure higher quality
  • Dismissed due to pending bankruptcy

Software developer at Pensio A/S

2010 2012
  • Development and maintenance of backend/frontend systems (PHP, MySQL, Git)
  • Which includes; Implementation of new creditcard processors, Paypal and fraud services (Java, PHP, MySQL)
  • Development is test-driven and Scrum was used for managing the development
  • Development of utilities and tools for operations

Solutions Architect at Assurator ApS

2009 2010
  • Development of webfrontend for Assurators ACT (c#, Oracle DB)
  • Operation of linux servers; Email and Collab.Net teamforge (Centos, Postfix, PostgresQL)
  • Operation of subversion repository (Subversion)

Software developer at Comendo A/S

2008 2009
  • Design and implementation of solutions for Comendos products
  • Design, analysis and implementaiton of backend for Comendos new mail-scanningsplatform. (Perl, Sieve++, Ecelerity)
  • Design, development and test of a logging framework, with requirements of high speed and robustness.(Perl, MySQL)
  • Dismissed: Reduction of employees due to declining sales

Developer at Synergy North

2007 2008
  • Design and development of internal tools for optimizing workflow (PHP, Perl, MySQL)
  • Planning, securing and operations of FreeBSD serverpark (Primary: FreeBSD 6.2, Apache, MySQL, MySQL Proxy, PHP, Subversion)

Programmer at DFR Gruppen

2001 2002
  • Website development; eCommerce, company homepage. CRM. (PHP)
  • Deployment and operation of servers
  • Company went bankrupt

Software Developer at Belle Systems A/S

Later Digiquant A/S

1997 2001
  • Presales - techical assistance for presales/sales and project managers
  • Analysis/Design, development both on- and offsite (international): Worked with the customer from initial contact to after the solution was implemented and operational. Designed and developed solutions / adaptations of our software so that they matched the client's needs. (C++, Oracle, Java)


Cand.IT - specializing in software design (missing thesis)

2004 2007
  • Missing thesis to complete the candidate
  • Followed the first part of "Game Programmer" line
    • Developed a game from scratch using SDL and C++. Simple game with a simple AI (BDI) model that used the A* to navigate. Developed a game from concept to prototype in a month, which was rated by ITE, Deadline Games and IO.
  • Thesis: 'Design om a Game Library Framework for Distributed Networked Real Time games'

Bachelor of Computer Science, Aalborg Universitet

2003 2004

Attended the following semesters:

  • Complexity and Computability
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Formal Languages - Syntax and Semantics
  • Language and Compilation
  • Programming Paradigms

Datamatiker, Roskilde Business College

1995 1997

Informatik Assistent, Slagelse Handelsskole

1993 1995


2009NokiaForum: Maemo Developer days CPH (1 day)
2009NokiaForum: QT Framework (2 days focusing on Maemo)
2009Microsoft: ASP.Net MVC Codecamp (1 day)
2004Security: Lær at hacke dig selv (
2000HP-UX Administration (5 day course at HP)


My spare time is spent on various projects. When it comes to IT I'm working with a few different projects, exploring new technologies, learning new skills. My old webprojects was mainly built in PHP which now have been migrated to RubyOnRails. E.x.

Lately I've been working a little with the Android platform. My efforts have currently resulted in a single published app, Cykel Sos, so far

When it comes to everything else I spend time with my girlfriend, our dogs, exercise and try to learn a little about photography.