CV for Dennis Møllegaard Pedersen

Problem-solving software developer

Experienced developer proficient in C#, Ruby, and Java with exposure to additional languages such as C, C++, Rust, Go, and PHP. Comfortable operating within both Linux and Windows environments, I bring over two decades of expertise in software development. Known for my curiosity and eagerness to broaden my skills, I continually seek out opportunities to expand my knowledge base.

In previous roles, I have demonstrated versatility by managing, performing forensics on, and securing server environments. Additionally, I have provided technical support to project managers and sales teams, both domestically and internationally. I excel in software development tasks encompassing analysis, design, development, and maintenance.

With a blend of ambition, systematic approach, and dedication, I thrive as a valued team player known for reliability and commitment.


  1. Development
    • C#
    • Java
    • Ruby
    • Ruby On Rails
    • BDD, TDD
  2. Protocols
    • PubSub
    • HTTP, Restful
  3. Products
    • PostGreSQL
    • MySQL
    • Redis
    • BigQuery
    • Google Dataflows (Apache beams)
  4. Tooling
    • Git
  5. Operations
    • Kubernetes
    • Docker
    • Terraform
    • Google Cloud Platform

Professional experience

Senior Software Developer at Mofibo/Storytel

2020-07 ... present

As a Senior Software Developer at Mofibo, my role entails building, designing, and maintaining internal systems capable of handling millions of daily consumption data points, utilizing C#, Java, BigQuery, Dataflows (Apache Beams), Redis, GCP, and Kubernetes. I also pushed for faster PR review process, improving logging and monitoring, did many of the DevOps tasks needed to improve the robustness of our platform.


  • Develop internal systems for managing large volumes of consumption data, to calculate the royalities payout for publishers (c#, java, BigQuery, Dataflows (Apache Beams), Redis, GCP, Kubernetes)
  • Extend, maintain and design new Microservices using RESTful APIs and PubSub messaging.
  • Provide internal support to end-users and address technical issues.
  • Ensure code-quality via reviews and testing.
  • Acts as the team's DevOps resource.

Achievements and results

  • Implemented monitoring/alerting to reduce response time for detecting software issues from weeks to minutes.
  • Proposed, implemented, and tested a Redis-based data preservation solution, eliminating data loss during software restarts and ensuring ongoing production stability.

Team Lead at Karnov Group a/s

2017-10 ... 2020-02

As a Team Lead at Karnov Group a/s, I provided technical leadership and mentorship to drive the successful delivery of projects. With a focus on fostering team collaboration and individual growth, I guided and participated the development and operation of our document retrieval systems Additionally, I played an active role in coordinating project solutions and facilitating the migration to Google Cloud Platform.


  • Lead and mentor team members, providing guidance and support.
  • Oversee and participation in the development and operation of data collection systems, utilizing technologies such as Ruby, Git, SysAdm, Microservices, PostgreSQL and Redis.
  • Coordination and plan project solutions, ensuring alignment with business objectives.
  • Perform maintenance, configure monitoring, and troubleshooting of services within Kubernetes, ensuring seamless operation and performance.
  • In late 2018 I was given a System Architect Role in addition to being team lead.

Achievements and results

  • Revamped a problematic document retrieval system, implementing a new architecture that improved stability and reduced issue detection time from weeks to daily status updates, while reducing development to for each new source.
  • Successfully trained a team member with minimal prior experience, utilizing pair programming and tailored tasks, leading to their advancement to a Software Engineer role at Lego, where they have thrived for over two years.

Senior Software Developer at Karnov Group a/s

2016-09 ... 2017-08

In my role as Senior Software Developer at Karnov Group a/s, I played a key role in maintaining internal systems and driving data collection efforts. With a focus on technical excellence, I engaged in test-driven development (TDD), pair programming, and monitoring of our platform.


  • Maintenance of internal systems (Ruby, Rails, Bash).
  • Data collecting, scraping, transforming and enrichment of documents (Ruby, XML, XSLT).
  • TDD, Pair programming, review and operations.

Developer at ipvision a/s

2014-02 ... 2016-08

In my role as a Software Developer at ipvision a/s, I was tasked with maintaining and developing essential administration systems crucial to our operations. This includes managing APIs for seamless communication with key providers such as TDC, Telenor, and Panther. Additionally, I participated both in legacy - and innovative projects, ensuring their functionality and effectiveness. My commitment to code quality is evident through the implementation of rigorous unit testing and continuous integration practices.


  • Maintenance and development of administration systems, including APIs for TDC, Telenor, and Panther integration.
  • Maintenance of the old Connect Platform and participated in the design and development of the new Connect Client platform.
  • Utilize technologies such as Ruby, Redis, EmberJS, and 0mq to drive the development of innovative solutions.
  • Implement unit testing and continuous integration processes using tools like RSpec, Jenkins, Git, and Gerrit to enhance code quality and reliability.

Achievements and results

  • Developed a cost optimization system that analyzed historical data to purchase telecom packages matching actual usage, resulting in significant cost savings for the company.
  • Received positive feedback from management for the implementation of the cost-saving solution, demonstrating the practical impact of technical initiatives on business operations.

Developer at ICOM Tele

2012-03 ... 2014-02

Software developer at Pensio A/S

2010-05 ... 2012-05

Solutions Architect at Assurator ApS

2009-05 ... 2010-04

Software developer at Comendo A/S

2008-04 ... 2009-04

Developer at Synergy North

2007-03 ... 2008-03

Programmer at DFR Gruppen

2001-10 ... 2002-12

Software Developer at Belle Systems A/S

Later Digiquant A/S

1997 ... 2001


Cand.IT - specializing in software design (missing thesis)

2004 ... 2007
  • Missing thesis to complete the candidate
  • Followed the first part of "Game Programmer" line
    • Developed a game from scratch using SDL and C++. Simple game with a simple AI (BDI) model that used the A* to navigate. Developed a game from concept to prototype in a month, which was rated by ITE, Deadline Games and IO.
  • Thesis: 'Design proposal for a Game Library Framework for Distributed Networked Real Time games'

Bachelor of Computer Science, Aalborg University

2003 ... 2004

Attended the following semesters:

  • Complexity and Computability
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Formal Languages - Syntax and Semantics
  • Language and Compilation
  • Programming Paradigms

Datamatiker, Roskilde Business College

1995 ... 1997

Informatik Assistent, Slagelse Handelsskole

1993 ... 1995


2009NokiaForum: Maemo Developer days CPH (1 day)
2009NokiaForum: QT Framework (2 days focusing on Maemo)
2009Microsoft: ASP.Net MVC Codecamp (1 day)
2004Security: Lær at hacke dig selv (
2000HP-UX Administration (5 day course at HP)


Mentor, Railsgirls CPH

2018 ... 2020

Help teach women to get acquainted with programming, primarily in Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Volunteer, DAF - Danish Agility Association (Dansk Agility Forening)

2020 ... present

Hands on help, not IT related